As easy as 1, 2, 3...

Aside from StaffConnect's amazing features we've also gone to great lengths to make sure that setup and transitioning to your new intranet software solution is quick and easy.

Setup Included

We can train your staff on best practices to ensure a smooth transition and high internal adoption. We can also manage the content entry for your division's StaffConnect: uploading and organizing your documents, inputting your contacts, uploading Resources for teachers and even uploading some new photo galleries.

StaffConnect is Easy

An easy to read, clear User Interface means StaffConnect is easy to use. Uploading documents, finding a phone number, download a PDF, it's all a snap. From the least technical user right up to the computer geniuses in IT, everyone will love StaffConnect.

Administrative Heaven

StaffConnect has a clear feature set that reduces complexity and speeds up time spent on finding and entering data.

No IT Team Required

StaffConnect is a hosted solution which means we have taken care of all the setup and the servers. Tell your IT department to rest easy! They won't need to setup or configure any new servers or worry about security protocols.

Available Everywhere

No software or VPN required, just a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Check the latest news from your classroom or post an item to the Bulletin Board from home.

Automatic Updates

Once signed up you'll get all StaffConnect updates automatically, for free. You'll also be the first to hear about new modules and feature extensions.

Security/Access Controls

Administrators get all the control, without learning a separate system. When administrators login they'll get a couple extra buttons for adding, editing and deleting content on StaffConnect.


StaffConnect gest customized to match your division's colors. Additional customization is also available to make StaffConnect match your division's other branding to keep a consistent look.

To sign up, get a quote, or ask questions about Staff Connect