Core Features

Brilliantly Simple & Powerful

StaffConnect provides intranet software solutions built specifically for school boards, especially those spread out geographically. It’s the easiest, most efficient way to increase information uptake and sense of community within your school division.

Curriculum Sharing

The Teacher Resources section, specifically built for school boards, allows teachers to upload their worksheets, quizzes, tests and more. Each Resource is filed into the proper Program and Course for easy finding. Teachers can upload their worksheets, quizzes, tests and more. They can mark their ‘favourite’ documents, search by keywords or search by course to find resources contributed by others.

The simplest, fastest way for teachers to share resources within their school and within their school board or division.

Centralized Division Documents

Access your division’s documents easily. Staff can find what they’re looking for quicker by using StaffConnect’s advanced search, filter and sorting options. The Documents section cuts down on phone calls, emails, faxes, and time spent trying to find documents and forms.

Contact Lists

Printed Contact Lists get out of date... fast! StaffConnect allows you to list individuals, schools and departments. Contact lists are easy to update, so they’re always current.

Photo Galleries

Everyone had a great time at Fred's retirement party last week, but where do you put the photos? StaffConnect provides the perfect place to share all the photos from staff events in a secure, password-protected area where only your staff is able to view them.


The perfect place for owners, administration, management or other staff members to post their thoughts, receive comments and build an open office community.


StaffConnect features a dynamic News section that informs your staff about the most recent happenings within the division, and keeps all previous News postings for easy reading anytime.


A simple Events listing keeps staff informed about upcoming events and division functions.


StaffConnect makes the perfect default home page for your district's browsers, and a quick glance at the weather in all your locations is handy for everyone.

Bulletin Board

Reduce corporate email clutter! Being able to sell your old pool table to someone at work is great, but sending out an email to the entire district isn't. The Bulletin Board is a place for staff to list items they're selling or items they're looking for. Postings are automatically removed after a set time period so you don't have to worry about clearing out old ads.

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